YOU Can Help "Slow the Spread!"
Click these links for information from MDE and our Nurse Cindy:
Home Screening Tool:  Answer these screening questions each time you are going to send your child to school, child care, or another youth program. If you answer “yes” to any question, your child should stay home.
Attendance Guide:  Details when and for how long students will stay home when they are sick.

Our Hybrid Learning Model
ERATS has chosen a hybrid learning model where students will be in our building two days a week and will also do schoolwork at home.  
Group A, colored blue on our Semester One calendar, has school at ERATS on Mondays and Tuesdays.  On Wed., Th., and Fri., they must access their classes at home and work on assignments.  They can email/text their cohort teachers if they have questions.
If your student is in Group B --colored orange on the calendar-- Mon., Tues., and Wed. are DISTANCE LEARNING days; the students will stay home, access their classes online, and work on assignments, contacting their cohort teachers with any questions.  Group B has class at ERATS on Thursdays and Fridays.
All students must be in contact with their teachers on distance learning days for attendance.
Please contact your student's cohort teacher with any questions or concerns; email addresses are under the Staff tab (click Teachers and Paras).
Thank you, ERATS families, for your patience during this unprecedented year.  

Face Masks are Required at ERATS
Schools must follow Governor Walz's mask mandate to help contain the spread of COVID-19.
Students should bring/wear their own masks and wash them every night to help stop germs and mask-acne.  The Department of Education is providing ONE cloth mask for each student.  As we start the year and build our daily routines, we may forget our masks at home once or twice.... so the Dept. is also sending THREE disposable masks per student.
Please remember your mask!  You cannot be in the building or bus/van without one.  Talk to our Director Amy Hendrickson or our School Nurse Cindy Lustig if you have concerns.

Please stay healthy!  #StayHomeMN
Click here for a message from our school nurse refreshing your knowledge about illness prevention.

Parents and community members are welcome to join our School Board!
If you're interested in learning more, contact:
Executive Director Amy Hendrickson   
or call 218 744-7965 ext. 1100
or Facebook message the school.
See our Board pages for the meeting schedule.

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