9:00am to 12 noon on these days:

9th graders:   Monday, Aug 27
10th graders:  Tuesday, Aug. 28
11th graders:  Wednesday, Aug. 29
12th graders:  Thursday, Aug. 30

Why is Orientation important?  We'll discuss our new daily schedule,
the rules and regulations, and, 'most importantly,' you get to pick your
cubicle area!    
If you can't attend on your grade's day, please attend another
day that works for you.   BUT, try your best to attend the correct day, because
you'll talk more with your specific teachers.
If there are two students in the same family, and they're in different grades,
you don't have to attend both days; pick the day that's best for you, and
we'll make it work!

Friday, August 31, 7:30am to approx. 10:00pm
Permission slips were available at the Open House, will be available at
Orientation, and also can be printed by clicking on the "STATE FAIR"
<---- link on the left sidebar.
Slips and payment must be turned-in by Thursday, Aug. 30, at 3pm.

Monday, September 4 (the day after Labor Day)

If you take a bus or van, you will be contacted on Sunday the 2nd
or Monday the 3rd about your pickup time.  Our transportation staff
will be working hard over the Labor Day Weekend to finalize our routes.


On September 26, 2017, students, staff, and families learned
about Rachel's Challenge of kindness and inclusion.
Kindness Chains will continue to be built throughout
the school.  If you're a student and see a random
act of kindness around you,  ADD TO THE CHAIN!