The ERATS Continuing Education Committee meets once quarterly to approve CEUs (continuing education units) for teachers who have Tier 3 and Tier 4 teaching licenses.  Please speak to Director Lere or your supervisor if you have a lower tier license.

Our most recent meeting was January, 2024.
Our next meeting date will be announced at least one week prior so that teachers have time to organize their paperwork for submission.

Please submit CEUs on an ongoing basis so the committee can track exactly what required elements you've completed and what you have left to do.  Thank you!



Click here for the cover sheet that must be attached to each certificate you submit.  If MDE audits our practices, they will look to see that each submission has proper paperwork and approval.

MDE's Clock Hour Reporting Page.  You can find general info or log-in to view your specific licensure information.

Looking for online training to get CEUs?  Click here for a list of free online trainings we've found.  They may disappear at any time, so we apologize if any become unavailable.

Committee Bylaws (approved Oct. 27, 2022). 



The MN Department of Education and our bylaws state that if an individual is not employed by our school, the relicensure committee in the school district where that particular individual lives has jurisdiction.  For example, if you live in Biwabik, you would need to contact the Mesabi East school district's Continuing Education Committee.

Info and links last updated 2-09-2024 (EF)