East Range Academy of Technology and Science's vision is to create an educational experience to guide students on a road to success built on empowerment, relationships, accountability, and tailored support.



To empower students to develop academic and life skills by providing personalized learning that will prepare them to transition into an ever-changing world.

ERATS opened its doors in September 2007 for grades 10-12 and graduated 13 students in its first year.  The school was originally founded to offer more intense science and technology classes but quickly changed to be a place for students that did not fit the mold of a traditional public school.  The ERATS was situated in an old call center for 13 years before a local school district decided to purchase the land and building ERATS occupied.  The local school district did not want to continue the lease and brought ERATS to court for eminent domain.  ERATS lost the court battle and was forced out of the location.  A local land developer heard of the plight of ERATS in the newspaper and offered to donate land to build a new building.  In the spring of 2021, plans were drawn up and construction began in July. While the school was in transition, they had to temporarily relocate to the local mall and occupied six storefronts.  While this was not ideal, the students and staff were flexible and made it work.  Staff and students moved into the new building in April 2022.

ERATS improves pupil learning and achievement by providing increased learning opportunities for students. The district has always been innovative and implements new ways to educate students.  The school board, staff, and families are receptive to new ideas by offering various times and ways for students to attend school. Providing a traditional approach to school, staff focus on improving differentiated instruction for students through personalized learning.  Though differentiating does not mean each student at the school is working on their own individualized curriculum each day, it does mean that the staff provides options for students.  Staff members know that student engagement is greater when kids feel some choice in deciding how to pursue learning a topic. The relatively small class sizes (usually less than 20), personalized help, and general atmosphere seem to be more conducive to some students’ learning styles.

Personalized Learning School (PLS), was founded on the idea to help older students that are severely credit deficient work on credits towards graduation.  This program has helped many students graduate with a high school diploma while being flexible to accommodate work and family schedules.
  Afternoon school is a program that provides a flexible schedule and individualized learning to students where the traditional educational setting is not a good fit.

All educational programs practice PBIS (positive behavioral intervention strategies) and restorative practices (RP) which focus on the Road to Success through empowerment, relationships, accountability, and tailored support.