The ERATS Thiel Building Company

Current address:
2000 Siegel Blvd.
Eveleth, MN  55734

Board of Directors

Chair:  Fern Swanson
Secretary:  Rene Moehlenbrock
Treasurer:  Jody Youso

Link to a .pdf file of  our Bylaws.

The ERATS Thiel Affiliated Building Company exists solely to manage the building lease of the future home of East Range Academy of Technology and Science.
Part of the company name honors the late Cindy Thiel, a co-founder of ERATS who shared Director Hendrickson's vision that the Iron Range needed another school that could try something "different."  2020-2021 is the school's fourteenth year, and we continue to grow.

Updated 5/23/2021 (EF)