Make your Inner Nerd Heard...
At "ERATS Roadshow"

Tuesday, March 20, 5:30pm to 7pm
What collections and hobbies do you have?
Coins?  Potato chips shaped like people?  Cosplaying Adam Sandler movies?
JOIN US and show off!
Bring some samples to show, tell, or even trade if you find someone with
a matching hobby.  OR just learn about your fellow ERATSers and have fun!

Student Council's PENNY WARS donation drive
The jars of coins are being counted...... WHO WON??? 
Watch this space to find out....


On September 26, students, staff, and families learned
about Rachel's Challenge of kindness and inclusion.
Kindness Chains will continue to be built throughout
the school.  If you're a student and see a random
act of kindness around you,  ADD TO THE CHAIN!